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’90s-Style ‘Captain Marvel’ Website Will Have You Nostalgic for Dial-Up

An anonymous reader quotes MovieWeb:
The official Captain Marvel website is a blast from the past… Marvel Studios is preparing its final promotional push for the project. This includes TV spots, various forms of merchandise, posters, and in this case, a perfect retro website, tailor made to take us all back to a time when the internet was a whole lot simpler.

Instead of flashy high resolution images, we are treated to pixelated versions, which perfectly reimagines the 1990s websites. There’s a lot of Word art, a ticker to count how many unique views that the site gets, a guest book, and even a game that lets fans spot the Kree. Instead of the trailers coming through YouTube, they are played using the “Kree Player,” which is take on the old Real Player.

MovieWeb writes that the site “also gives younger Marvel Cinematic Universe fans a chance to see what the internet looked like back in the day….”

And though the movie’s slogan is “Higher, further, faster,” they argue that “The only thing that could have made the Captain Marvel site even better is slow page loading, just to give it a real touch of what it was like surfing the net in the dark ages.”

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