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Our main aim is to provide information on Open-source technology to all.

ONEDOLLARDATA.COM offers Linux tips & Tricks , news, tutorials, guides and ideas, The main aim is to document the hurdles that most of us face as UNIX/Linux/BSD sys admin in our day today life

Here you can find lots of Information on Apache,  Cloud Computing,  Computer Acrhitecture,  Linux, MySQL, Virtulization and etc

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  1. HI!

    Amit great site and full of usefull knowledge and information required for all the technical peaople like me and others in LINUX and related topics for configuration and day-to-day setup problems which we encounter, your site provides easy solution which works on any given situation. It helps to cut down on time and very precisse information.

    I wish for problem solving techniques on general and specific topics technocrats should refer to this blog.


    pankaj gupta

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