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Adblock Plus Comes (Somewhat) Clean About How Acceptable Ads Work

Mark Wilson writes: The Acceptable Ads program from Adblock Plus has proven slightly controversial. The company behind the ad blocking tool, Eyeo, has already revealed a little about how it makes money from the program – despite the fact that no money changes hands in most whitelisting cases – and today it has opened up further about how is makes its money. Whilst recognizing that people do want to block ads, Eyeo is also aware that sites do need to benefit from ad revenue – hence Acceptable Ads, non-intrusive ads that it is hoped are less irritating and therefore easier to stomach. But Eyeo itself also wants to make money. How does it decide which company to charge to Acceptable Ads whitelisting, and which to charge? If you’re expecting full transparency, you might be disappointed, but we are given a glimpse into how the financial side of things works./i

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