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All the Features Facebook Copied From Snapchat in 2016

Last year, Facebook looked several times at Snapchat, a company that reportedly refused to be acquired by the social giant, for new features in Facebook Messenger, and its Instagram services. From a report on Recode: Here’s the list of features Facebook launched this year that appear to be direct threats to Snapchat: 1. Facebook bought MSQRD, an app that creates silly face filters, in March. 2. It has since added the face filter technology to the main Facebook app and Messenger. 3. Facebook started testing a new Snapchat-style camera inside its main app. Messages sent using the new camera are ephemeral. 4. Facebook built a Snapchat clone app called Flash specifically for emerging markets like Brazil. 5. Instagram ripped off Snapchat’s Stories feature. (It actually works pretty well.) Instagram also added ephemeral messaging.

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