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Antivirus peddler aims its FUD on iOS

They’re at it again.

For years consumers have lifted up iOS as the safe mobile operating system. Comparatively, it does see much less malware than Android likely due to its rigorous manual testing of App Store apps and technological limitations that only allow approved apps on iOS devices. But to believe youâ??re 100 percent in the clear if youâ??re using an iOS device is a mistake.

This comes straight from an antivirus peddler – the people who spread lies and FUD non-stop to scare unsuspecting users into buying their useless, crappy, resource-hogging bloated software. For every person here on OSNews who see through these companies’ lies, there’s a dozen regular users falling for their scams.

Now, it’s iOS’ turn apparently. I will continue to hammer on this issue until the cows come home. Whether you’re using iOS or Android, you do not need antivirus software.

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