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Apple Pulls All Customer Reviews From Online Apple Store

Apple has removed the “Ratings & Reviews” section from all product pages on its website. The changes were apparently made between November 16 and 17, and it’s “currently unclear what has prompted this decision, nor when Apple will bring back the option to read the opinions of other customers at the time of purchase,” reports AppleInsider. From the report: AppleInsider received a tip from a reader who had noted the buyer review section was missing on Apple’s online retail store page. The user also pointed out that the pages have been removed from U.S., U.K., and Australian Apple online stores, which suggests this is not simply a mistake, but rather an intentional move on Apple’s behalf. The reviews were pulled over the weekend, though it’s not clear as to why this has happened. Apple had been known for leaving up even especially negative reviews, which demonstrated both transparency and integrity to their customers. By removing the reviews, it’s possible that Apple will be seen as less credible to potential buyers.

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