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Ask Slashdot: Is There An Open Source Tool Measuring The Sharpness of Streaming Video?

dryriver asks:

Is there an open source video analysis tool available that can take a folder full of video captures (e.g. news, sports, movies, music videos, TV shows), analyze the video frames in those captures, and put a hard number on how optically sharp, on average, the digital video provided by any given digital TV or streaming service is?

If such a tool exists, it could be of great use in shaming paid video content delivery services that promise proper “1080 HD” or “4K UHD” quality content, but deliver video that is actually Youtube quality or worse. With such a tool, people could channel-hop across their digital TV service’s various offerings for an hour or so, capture the video stream to harddisk, and then have an “average optical sharpness score” for that service calculated that can be shared with others and published online, possibly shaming the content provider — satellite TV providers in particular — into upping their bitrate if the score turns out to be atrociously low for that service….

People in many countries — particularly developing countries — cough up hard cash to sign up for various satellite TV, digital TV, streaming video and similar services, only to then find that the bitrate, compression quality and optical sharpness of the video content delivered isn’t too great at all. At a time when 4K UHD content is available in some countries, many satellite TV and streaming video services in many different countries do not even deliver properly sharp and well-defined 1080 HD video to their customers, even though the content quality advertised before signing up is very much “crystal clear 1080 HD High-Definition”.
What’s the solution? Leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments.
And is there an open source tool measuring the sharpness of streaming video?

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