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FCC Maintains Ban on Mobile Phone Voice Calls During Flights

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission killed a proposal to allow in-flight voice calls via mobile phones, ending its examination of an idea that evoked fears of air rage from passengers trapped beside jabbering seat mates. From a report: The idea drew “strong opposition” from pilots and flight attendants, the agency said Friday in a four-paragraph order. The FCC in 2013 ... Read More »

Linux Candy: XScreenSaver – Framework and collection of screensavers

XScreenSaver offers a couple of hundred different screen savers together with a framework for blanking and locking the screen. The screen savers are known in the software’s development as ‘hacks’ and range from simple 2D effects to 3D demonstrations of complex mathematical principles, to simulations of other computer systems, space phenomena, to re-creations of artifacts and effects from movies such ... Read More »

Developer successfully virtualizes ARM Windows on Apple Silicon

A developer has successfully been able to virtualize the ARM version of Windows on Apple Silicon using the QEMU virtualizer. Apple’s M1 MacBooks have proved their worth when it comes to performance and battery efficiency. But, since these run on a custom ARM chip, it’s not yet possible to install, dual boot, or emulate Windows; which is in popular demand. ... Read More »

Pushed by Pandemic, Amazon Goes on a Hiring Spree Without Equal

Amazon has embarked on an extraordinary hiring binge this year, vacuuming up an average of 1,400 new workers a day and solidifying its power as online shopping becomes more entrenched in the coronavirus pandemic. From a report: The hiring has taken place at Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle, at its hundreds of warehouses in rural communities and suburbs, and in countries ... Read More »