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Melting Ice Sheets Triggered 60 Feet of Sea Level Rise 14,600 Years Ago

“New research has found that previous ice loss events could have caused sea-level rise at rates of around 3.6 meters per century, offering vital clues as to what lies ahead should climate change continue unabated,” reports Phys.org: A team of scientists, led by researchers from Durham University, used geological records of past sea levels to shed light on the ice ... Read More »

Would You Tell an Angel Investor How to Start a New Country?

Angel investor Balaji S. Srinivasan (also the former CTO of Coinbase) is now focused on 1729.com, which wants to give you money to do his bidding — or something like that. He’s calling it “the first newsletter that pays you. “It has a regular feed of paid tasks and tutorials with $1000+ in crypto prizes per day, and doubles as ... Read More »

In Serious Incident, Software Glitch Miscalculates the Weight of Three UK Flights

A software mistake caused a flight on Tui airlines “to take off heavier than expected,” according to The Guardian, citing an investigation by the UK’s Air Accidents Investigation Branch An update to the airline’s reservation system while its planes were grounded due to the coronavirus pandemic led to 38 passengers on the flight being allocated a child’s “standard weight” of ... Read More »

4 ways open source gives you a competitive edge

Building a tech stack is a major decision for every organization. While picking the right tools will set your team up for success, picking the wrong solutions or platforms can have devastating effects on productivity and profitability. To succeed in today's fast-paced world, organizations must make smart investments in digital solutions that enable them to move faster and increase operational ... Read More »

Scientists Connect Human Brain To Computer Wirelessly For First Time Ever

“Scientists have demonstrated the first human use of a wireless brain-computer interface, a potential breakthrough for people with paralysis,” reports The Next Web (in a story shared by Slashdot reader Hmmmmmm): While traditional BCIs are tethered to users via cables, the new system — called BrainGate — replaces the cords with a small transmitter affixed atop a users’ head. The ... Read More »