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Steve Case On How To Get Funded Outside Tech Corridors

Long-time reader Esther Schindler writes: Innovation occurs outside the Bay Area, New York, Boston, and Austin. So why is it so hard for a startup to get attention and acquire venture capital? Steve Case and Kara Swisher discussed this never-ending-topic recently, such as the fact 78% of U.S. venture capital last year went to just three states: California, New York, ... Read More »

Verizon.net ‘Gets Out Of The Email Business’

“We have decided to close down our email business,” Verizon has announced — in a move which affects 4.5 million accounts. Slashdot reader tomservo84 writes: Strangely enough, I didn’t find out about this from Verizon, itself, but SiriusXM, who sent me an email saying that since I have a Verizon.net email address on file, I’d have to update it because ... Read More »

Anbox Can Run Android Apps Natively On Linux (In A Container)

Slashdot user #1083, downwa, writes: Canonical engineer Simon Fels has publicly released an Alpha version of Anbox. Similar to the method employed for Android apps on ChromeOS, Anbox runs an entire Android system (7.1.1 at present) in an LXC container. Developed over the last year and a half, the software promises to seamlessly bring performant Android apps to the Linux ... Read More »