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Getting Started with Scilab

Introducing one of the larger scientific lab packages for Linux. Scilabis meant to be an overall package for numerical science, along thelines of Maple, Matlab or Mathematica. Although a lot of built-infunctionality exists for all sorts of scientific computations, Scilabalso includes its own programming language… Read More »

SpaceX Launched and Landed Another Used Falcon 9 Rocket, Marking Its Record-Tying 18th Launch of the Year

SpaceX has successfully sent up a communications satellite for the country of Qatar, marking the aerospace company’s 18th mission in 2018, which ties the company’s record in 2017 for the most launches done in a year. Since the company has several more missions planned for this year, it’s very likely that the company will set a new all-time high soon. ... Read More »

Uber Joins Linux Foundation Cementing Commitment To Open Source Tools

At the 2018 Uber Open Summit, Uber announced it was joining the Linux Foundation as a Gold Member, making a firm commitment to using and contributing to open source tools. TechCrunch reports: Uber CTO Thuan Pham sees the Linux Foundation as a place for companies like his to nurture and develop open source projects. “Open source technology is the backbone ... Read More »