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Google Maps Adding Photo Radar Warnings For Drivers In Canada

Google Maps is warning drivers in Canada as they approach some photo radar camera locations. “The feature, which is currently being rolled out by Google, allows users to see speed limits, speed cameras and mobile speed cameras on the map before they leave,” reports HuffPost Canada. “It also gives a verbal warning — an automated voice saying ‘speed camera ahead’ ... Read More »

Pacific Northwest Relying On Nuclear Energy During Cold Snap

Slashdot reader Lije Baley writes: As the unusually long cold snap in the Pacific Northwest has both increased electric demand while decreasing snow melt and stream flows needed for hydroelectric generation, local power companies are asking their customers to conserve energy. Meanwhile, the region’s last remaining nuclear plant has been a critical low-carbon resource for keeping the lights and heat ... Read More »

FBI Director Christopher Wray On Encryption: We Can’t Have an ‘Entirely Unfettered Space Beyond the Reach of Law Enforcement’

An anonymous reader quotes a report from CNET: Encryption should have limits. That’s the message FBI Director Christopher Wray had for cybersecurity experts Tuesday. The technology that scrambles up information so only intended recipients can read it is useful, he said, but it shouldn’t provide a playground for criminals where law enforcement can’t reach them. “It can’t be a sustainable ... Read More »