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The at Utility Suite, Deeper than your Thought

In this deep dive we take a look at the "at" utility suite. We discuss how to use at to schedule one-time jobs, how to manage, list and delete scheduled jobs. Learn to use different queues, and schedule jobs to run only when system load averages permit using the batch feature. Of course, we also touch on how to secure ... Read More »

The Tinkerers Fighting Apple’s War on YouTube ‘Repair’ Videos

The Guardian profiles stay-at-home mom Jessa Jones, who taught herself how to fix her daughter’s iPhone with online tutorials, eventually leading to motherboard repair work that she found through eBay. “After recruiting other stay-at-home moms in her neighborhood and teaching them electronics repair, she launched a small business from her dining room called MommyFixits. ‘Suddenly our play dates became moms ... Read More »

Contribute at the Fedora Test Week for kernel 5.1

The kernel team is working on final integration for kernel 5.1. This version was just recently released, and will arrive soon in Fedora. This version has many security fixes included. As a result, the Fedora kernel and QA teams have organized a test week from Monday, May 13, 2019 through Saturday, May 18, 2019. Read More »

West Virginians Now Say Code School Promising Jobs Was a Fraud

“Two years after dozens of West Virginians left their jobs to take classes from Mined Minds, a nonprofit that promised to teach them to write computer code, former students have filed a lawsuit claiming the entire operation was a fraud,” according to a report: The program promised a better life and room for career advancement, which resonated with people in ... Read More »

Latest Grove add-on for the Pi includes RISC-V NPU for edge AI duty

Seeed has launched a $24.50 “Grove AI HAT” with 6x Grove interfaces and Arduino IDE support for accelerating edge AI workloads on the Raspberry Pi. The HAT features a Sipeed MAix M1 module running a Kendryte K210 RISC-V neural processing chip. Neural acceleration chips seem to be everywhere these days [he]#8212[/he] built into SoCs such [[he]#8230[/he]] Read More »