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"Substantial Progress" With Mesa Geometry Shaders

Open-source Intel developers have advanced their OpenGL geometry shaders work for Mesa, namely for the Intel DRI driver, and call it “substantial progress and definitely a reason to celebrate.” This important GL3 feature is nearing a working state but there’s still some work ahead before it will be merged… Read More »

Relax and Sleep: Whatever Floats Your Dream Boat

Relax and Sleep Plus lets you choose and play ambient sounds that might help you sleep. I tried this app during a grueling jet-lagged visit to London. The UK has a seven-hour time difference from Los Angeles, which is my home base, so my day started there just as I normally would be going to sleep. Seven o’clock in the ... Read More »

Spam fighter, spammer spat becomes massive DDoS attack

LinuxSecurity.com: A tiff between a Dutch company and Spamhaus, which blacklists spammers, has turned into a cyber attack of epic proportions. The distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) spread from the Spamhaus website to the rest of the Internet, reportedly affecting millions of rank and file Internet users. Read More »