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Ubuntu Strikes Out on Its Own Again

If Canonical has shown anything over the past few years, it’s that it’s not afraid of doing things differently. Ever since the arrival of Unity in Ubuntu 10.10’s netbook edition back in 2010, it’s been clear the company is “marching to the beat of its own drum,” as they say, with a growing focus on mobile and convergence. Well, last ... Read More »

A perspective: developers vs. Microsoft

“Most people understand that Windows is used by a variety of people who have a variety of needs, ranging from corporate server to workstation to POS terminals to home PC and beyond. Most people accept that whenever Microsoft updates Windows, it has to balance the competing requirements to find some kind of workable compromise. There is however another set of ... Read More »

The 3.10 Merge Window Closes

Linus Torvalds made a Mother’s Day gift to the world in the form of the 3.10-rc1 kernel prepatch. With this release, the merge window for the 3.10 development cycle has closed, so we know which features to expect this time around. Read More »