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Mark Shuttleworth: Designing the Future, Together

The days of smart people working alone are over. As we head toward the future of computing, we must focus on collaboration, communication, and integration at the operational level, not just the tech level. This was the message delivered by Canonical Founder Mark Shuttleworth in his keynote presentation Monday morning at LinuxCon Europe. Read More »

JEdit 4.5.2

JEdit is an Open Source programmer’s text editor written in Java. It is released under the GNU General Public License and is being developed by Slava Pestov, with occasional code contributions from various other people. jEdit was written for Java 1.1 with Swing 1.1, and also runs under Java 2. Read More »

QCad 3.0.0

QCad is a multiplatform 2D CAD system. Unlike other CAD systems it’s very easy to use and has a clear and consequential user interface. Read More »

Sysstat 10.0.5

The sysstat package contains the sar, sadf, iostat, nfsiostat, cifsiostat, pidstat and mpstat commands for Linux. The sar command collects and reports system activity information. The information collected by sar can be saved in a file in a binary format for future inspection. Read More »

XFce 4.10

XFce is a lightweight desktop environment for various UNIX systems. XFce is based on GTK+, a free and powerful tool kit widely adopted by many applications. Xfce embodies the traditional UNIX philosophy of modularity and re-usability. It consists of a number of components that together provide the full functionality of the desktop environment. Read More »