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Windows Phone 8 minor ‘GDR2’ update rolling out

“Named General Distribution Release 2 (GDR2), the latest update enables Data Sense, a way to track how data is being used, alongside FM radio, and the ability to set other applications as the default camera. […] GDR2 also includes support for Gmail’s CalrdDAV and CalDAV implementation, allowing Windows Phone users to continue syncing calendar and contacts after Google announced its ... Read More »

6000 mobile developers: Android most popular, iOS most profitable, WP most ‘next’

“The biggest mobile developer study in history with 6,000 respondents from 115 countries says that while iOS developers make an average of $5,200 per month in app revenue and Android developers pull in $4,700, more developers plan to start developing for Windows Phone than any other platform. […] That’s aided, of course, by the fact that 71 percent of mobile ... Read More »

IBM’s Smart CSL Buy

Over the past three-plus decades, it’s hard to think of a business computing-related technology that’s driven more fundamental value than virtualization, and it’s for a very simple reason: Since hardware evolves at a far faster pace than software, systems tend to deliver far more performance than needed, meaning they are drastically underutilized. That may not seem like a big deal. ... Read More »

gReader Pro Offers a Snappy RSS Experience

Now that Google’s wildly popular Google Reader has been switched off for good, what’s everybody to do? Google Reader was popular for a reason: It was fast, and it allowed news fans to rapidly assimilate news, synced cross-device, using a super-efficient visual RSS headline-only scan. The lack of lofty white space in the Google product and the crammed-in text housed ... Read More »