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Can Android Challenge Embedded Linux?

Is the Android OS morphing into a new form of embedded Linux? Android is a Linux OS derivative perched to make inroads beyond its growing user base in smartphones and tablets. Some auto makers are considering the potential for Android-connected communications systems in their vehicles. The Android OS is already available as an all-in-one desktop computer powered by System on ... Read More »

Fanboys: have you ever loved something so much it hurt?

Anybody following tech media in the past few years would instantly recognize the Thorne. He’s a fanboy. That is, the kind of crazily obsessed tech enthusiast who appears to have become unhinged somewhere between peeling off his smartphone’s screen protector and making his 457th comment on Android Central. He seems to love – as in, romantically love – his phone. ... Read More »

Pear OS downloads removed

Follow @LinuxUserMag We’ve had a love/hate relationship with Pear OS, with each release we tried having good ideas somewhere, but bugs in other places. In general, it always seemed like a promising project, and not just because it might help Mac users convert to Linux. So it’s with mixed feelings that we learn today that Pear OS is in its ... Read More »

PTS 5.0: Easily Run Linux Benchmarks From Your Phone

With Phoronix Test Suite 5.0-Plavsk you are able to remotely manage your Linux/BSD/OSX systems with ease and easily execute new benchmarks and analyze existing results. The HTML5 user-interface is coming along nicely and here is a preview of the latest pre-alpha state, which makes it easy from an Apple iPhone to easily facilitate new Linux benchmarking… Read More »