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How Chrome Apps will finally take on Windows

The new apps look and behave much like the native apps you find on Windows and OS X. They’re built using web technologies, but also with Chrome-specific code that means they won’t be able to run on other web browsers – they’re truly Chrome apps. They can exist outside of your browser window as distinct apps, work offline, and sync ... Read More »

Conspiracy Theories and the NSA

LinuxSecurity.com: I’ve recently seen two articles speculating on the NSA’s capability, and practice, of spying on members of Congress and other elected officials. The evidence is all circumstantial and smacks of conspiracy thinking — and I have no idea whether any of it is true or not — but it’s a good illustration of what happens when trust in a ... Read More »

Lost Droid Takes Stealth Seriously to Secure Your Phone

Having recently had my bicycle stolen — after having a set of wheels pilfered in a previous year — I was getting mad and, to quote the 1976 movie Network, I was not going to be taking it anymore. I decided to beef up my security both in general and on the replacement bike in particular. I was going to ... Read More »