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NVIDIA To Begin Publishing Open GPU Documentation

This week at XDC2013 NVIDIA made one of the biggest surprise announcements… NVIDIA will begin publishing NDA-free GPU programming documentation. They already have released some documentation and more is on the way as they seek to assist the Nouveau graphics driver developers in writing a full open-source 3D Linux graphics driver for GeForce GPUs… Read More »

AlienVault’s Barmak Meftah: Time to Put Hackers on the Defensive

As CEO of AlienVault, Barmak Meftah faces enemies every day who play out their attacks from faraway lands using seemingly unbeatable weapons. One of the weapons AlienVault uses with the support of the open source community is a global report called the Open Threat Exchange that tracks threats to computer networks. The results allow these free threat exchanges from security ... Read More »

Just how inept was Nokia’s board?

Finland is boiling with rage this weekend over the $25 M bonus payment the CEO Stephen Elop is set to receive as he leaves Nokia after his two-year tenure. Questions are now being raised by the oddest aspect of the bonus: the board of Nokia seems to have given Elop a $25 M incentive to sell the handset unit cheaply ... Read More »

SteamOS, the Linux-based Valve gaming distro

Follow @LinuxUserMag It’s going to be a big week for Valve, video games and Linux. The company announced last Friday that there would be three announcements this week, promising to change the way people play games. While rumours of a Steam console (nicknamed Steam Box or GabeCube) had been pervasive for the past few months, the years-long rumours of a ... Read More »