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TuxOnIce – Revolutionise the way you start your Linux System

TuxOnIce is most easily described as the Linux equivalent of Windows’ hibernate functionality, but better. It saves the contents of memory to disk and powers down. When the computer is started up again, it reloads the contents and the user can continue from where they left off. No documents need to be reloaded or applications reopened and the process is ... Read More »

32 bit kernel written in Rust

“A tiny 32 bit kernel written in Rust. I was inspired to download Rust and try to do this after seeing zero.rs – a stub that lets Rust programs run almost freestanding. It paints the screen bright red and then hangs. That’s it.” Read More »

Wayland Live CD that starts directly to Wayland

“Today I pushed out a new ISO of my Wayland Live CD project, which is named for my favorite celebrity. For this new Wayland CD, I wrote a new login manager with Bash and Zenity and Expect (and Script) that fully runs on a Wayland server (weston). Now X is no longer involved in the boot process, and X does ... Read More »

Playing nicely together – The Open Source Column

Follow @LinuxUserMag It was in the very early 1980s that a fledgling company by the name of Hudson Soft came up with a title by the wonderful name of Eric And The Floaters. The core concept was that you ran around a maze, planting bombs. Said bombs could blow away the walls, blow away your opponents, or blow away one ... Read More »