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Re-checking the ReactOS project

“The ReactOS project is rapidly developing. One of the developers participating in this project suggested that we re-analyzed the source code, as the code base is growing fast. We were glad to do that. We like this project, and we’ll be happy if this article helps the developers to eliminate some bugs. Analysis was performed with the PVS-Studio 5.02 code ... Read More »

Kona’s Scott DeFusco: Open Source Advocate in a Closed Source Firm

Kona, an innovative social networking platform for businesses and organizations, was launched in late 2012. It grew out of a vision developer Scott DeFusco had for a way to solve communications issues shared in peoples’ business and social lives. DeFusco and Kona cofounder Jeff Eckerle developed the new approach to online collaboration as an internal start-up within Deltek, an enterprise ... Read More »

Everything you ever wanted to know about Pac-Man

A lot of interesting stuff on the internals of one of the greatest games of all time: Pac-Man. First, recreating Pac-Man in a day. Second, a very detailed look at the artificial intelligence of each of the game’s ghosts. As it turns out, each ghost had its own ‘character’ and approached Pac-Man in its own unique way. Third, the Pac-Man ... Read More »

The two steps to radically better security

LinuxSecurity.com: Here’s a shocking fact I’ve learned from 25-plus years of security consulting: Most security projects fail to improve the safety of the organizations launching them. Security will be compromised as frequently after the project as before. Read More »

How valuable are security certifications today?

LinuxSecurity.com: When it comes to education, most people agree, more is better. No one embodies that principle at least in regard to IT certifications better than Jerry Irvine. CIO of IT consulting firm Prescient Solutions and member of the National Cyber Security Task Force, Irvine holds more than 20 IT certifications, of which at least six are specifically information security-oriented. Read More »