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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Linux Port Confirmed

There hasn’t been much chatter about the Linux version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but it seems that another developer has spilled the beans about this subject. Valve announced a while back that they intend to port their entire catalog of games to Linux, but they didn’t provided a schedule or any other information. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the only Counter-Strike ... Read More »

Hotshots – Screenshot tool with some editing features

Hotshots is a screenshot tool with some editing features. It is particularly suitable for writing documentation (as used in the following chapters) but you can use it to highlight some details on a map image or what ever you want. Because HotShots is written with Qt, it runs on Windows and Linux (MacOSX isn’t tested yet). (…)Read the rest of ... Read More »

Call of Duty Type Multiplayer Game "INSURGENCY" to Arrive on Steam for Linux

INSURGENCY, a first-person team-based shooter for up to 32 players designed, will make it to Linux soon. INSURGENCY is a game, developed by New World Interactive, that started its life as a total conversion mod for Half-Life 2. The game has some pretty interesting features, including intense 32 player online action, several multiplayer game types and game modes, multiple environments ... Read More »