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How to change default gateway on windows by command line

you can change you default gateway on windows by route command , it’s very useful. Other than , you can add route to other network by this command too. Syntax route [-f] [-p] [Command[Destination] [mask Network] [Gateway] [metric Metric]] [if Interface]] Example: To display the entire contents of the IP routing table, type: route print To display the routes in ... Read More »

How to rpm in fedora

Below Commands gives you an idea about how to use rpm in Redhat based distro like : fedora, centos, suse etc, it is a rpm cheat sheet by which you can easily understand its uses. Install the package # rpm -ivh {rpm-file} Upgrade package # rpm -Uvh {rpm-file} Erase/remove/ an installed package # rpm -ev {package} Erase/remove/ an installed package ... Read More »

How to make yum more powerful

yum is a powerful application there are applications we can add onto it to make it even more powerful. yum-fastestmirror – The yum-fastestmirror plugin sorts each repository’s mirrorlist by connection speed prior to downloading packages, and will choose the fastest mirror whenever yum is used. I find it to be very useful.   yumex – yumex, or yum extender, is ... Read More »

how to find version of running SUSE Linux

To find which version of SUSE Linux are you running, look in the following file: /etc/SuSE-release Open the file in your desktop environment or use in a console # cat /etc/SuSE-release which should show something similar to (x86-64 means 64-bit version): SUSE LINUX 10.0 (X86-64) OSS VERSION = 10.0 Read More »

How to install a .deb file in openSuse

Sometimes you’ll find a download of a deb file that you cannot find in the repositories, or a suitable rpm file for your openSuse installation. If that’s the case you can attempt using alien. 1. su (type root password) 2. Install alien: # zypper in alien 3. Run: # alien -r packagename.deb –scripts Thats the command to convert to rpm ... Read More »