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GrooVeIP’s a Great Backup for Minute-Slurping Calls

My first question to the desk clerk at a hotel in a strange country is no longer, “What time does the restaurant close?” It’s more often, “Where I can get a SIM card?” $2-a-minute voice and $10-a-megabyte Internet roaming in many parts of the world make acquiring a local card a must. I recently had a pleasant first morning in ... Read More »

How to install GRUB customizer in ubuntu 13.04

Grub Customizer is a graphical interface to configure the GRUB2/BURG settings and menu entries (…)Read the rest of How to install GRUB customizer in ubuntu 13.04 (98 words) © ruchi for Ubuntu Geek, 2013. | Permalink | No comment | Add to del.icio.us Post tags: desktop, install GRUB customizer in ubuntu 13.04, install GRUB customizer in ubuntu Raring Ringtail Related ... Read More »

Nokia unveils Asha 501 smartphone with new software

This is the Nokia I remember. The company just unveiled the Nokia Asha 501, which has a completely new version of the Asha software platform. Fast, responsive, stunningly great and simple hardware, and an unbeatable price ($99!). It borrows a lot from MeeGo on the N9, and overall excites me infinitely more than their Lumia offerings. I want one of ... Read More »

Using Google Glass: at a Justin Timberlake concert

“‘Those are some unique glasses.’ ‘Are you wearing Glass?’ ‘He’s got Google Glass on!’ My appearance can be ostentatious at times, but wearing Google Glass in public drew a truly unparalleled amount of attention – never have I seen so many strangers (and people I know) give me this look of, ‘uh, what’s on your face?'” Gamechanger. If not Glass, ... Read More »

New Zealand bans software patents

New Zealand leads the way. “The government has announced a change to planned new patent rules today which has put an end to fears that computer software might be covered by new patent protection.” Also, here’s the evidence that nobody (except lawyers, (un)paid company lackies, and corporate managers) wants software patents: “Matthews said a recent poll of more than 1000 ... Read More »