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C++ PROGRAMMING INTRODUCTION C++ is the programming language of choice for creating reusable, object oriented applications. The program code written in C++ is made reusable. Once the objects are defined, just one has to make the changes in the parameters of the newly defined objects, without making any changes in the code, so the code is reusable. This is accomplished ... Read More »

Five open source tools for building and managing clouds

Open source technology is going to seriously impact the cloud computing world. Open source software is essentially free, and it is not generally encumbered by the software license models of proprietary software. According to me below Five open source tools for building and managing clouds are Amazing & very Useful. A number of open source tools have already had a ... Read More »

how to set number permanently in vi editor

It is very easy to put numbers on every line in file while opening it with VI EDITOR First Option Step 1 : create a file in your Root Directory with name .exrc [root@root ~]# cd /root [root@root ~]# cd vi .exrc set number :wq Step 2 : Magic Begins [root@root ~]# now try to open any file through vi ... Read More »

how to flush mailq in sendmail or postfix

Some time many mail were in stuck queue, now there are two options either flush all mail to send them forcefully or delete them permanently. Traditional ” # sendmail -q” command flushes mail queue. Under Postfix, just enter the following to flush the mail queue # postfix flushor # postfix -f To see mail queue, enter: # mailq To remove ... Read More »

SEO Tips

SEO Tool & Tips When it comes to getting your press release seen online, the rules for writing may be different from what you’ve practiced in the past. 1. Choose and use your keywords. Think like your reader: What words are most likely to be searched for by people looking for what you want them to find in your release? ... Read More »