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Before Google+ Shuts Down, The Internet Archive Will Preserve Its Posts

Google+ “was an Internet-based social network. It was almost 8 years old,” reports KilledByGoogle.com, which bills itself as “The Google Graveyard: A list of dead products Google has killed and laid to rest in the Google Cemetery.”
But before Google+ closes for good in April, its posts are being preserved by Internet Archive and the ArchiveTeam, reports the Verge:
In a post on Reddit, the sites announced that they had begun their efforts to archive the posts using scripts to capture and back up the data in an effort to preserve it. The teams say that their efforts will only encompass posts that are currently available to the public: they won’t be able to back up posts that are marked private or deleted… They also note that they won’t be able to capture everything: comment threads have a limit of 500 comments, “but only presents a subset of these as static HTML. It’s not clear that long discussion threads will be preserved.” They also say that images and video won’t be preserved at full resolution…
They also urge people who don’t want their content to be archived to delete their accounts, and pointed to a procedure to request the removal of specific content.
A bit of history: Linus Torvalds launched a Google+ page in 2017 called “Gadget Reviews” — where he made exactly six posts.

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