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‘Beware Silicon Valley’s Gifts To Our Schools’

schwit1 shares a National Review report: After three years, there is no proof that Apple’s, Google’s, and Microsoft’s infiltration of the classroom is producing actual academic improvement and results. Take Facebook’s efforts for an example. The company — under fire for privacy breaches worldwide — is peddling something called “Summit Learning,” a web-based curriculum bankrolled by CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan. Last month, students in New York City schools walked out in protest of the program. “It’s annoying to just sit there staring at one screen for so long,” freshman Mitchel Storman, 14, told the New York Post. He spends close to five hours a day on Summit classes in algebra, biology, English, world history, and physics. Teacher interaction is minimal. “You have to teach yourself,” Storman rightly complained. No outside research supports any claim that Summit Learning actually enhances, um, learning. What more studies are showing, however, is that endless hours of screen time are turning kids into zombies who are more easily distracted, less happy, less socially adept, and less physically fit. Standing up to the Silicon Valley Santas and asserting your family’s “right to no” may well be the best long-term gift you can give your school-age children.

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