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BlackBerry Passport released

Today was the day! You marked it in your calendar, you counted down the nights, and last night, as you went to bed, your stomach had that tingly feeling you get when you’re nervous about what that long-awaited day would bring. Yes, today, BlackBerry officially released the Passport – the first high-end smartphone with a proper keyboard in years. Since everything was already known about this device, let’s go straight to CrackBerry’s review:

The whole time I’ve been reviewing the BlackBerry Passport there’s been a lingering thought in my head and I’m sure it’s one I share with many of you all as well. How well is the BlackBerry Passport going to sell for BlackBerry? At the end of the day, or in this case at the end of the review, I really don’t know but what I have decided is this. The BlackBerry Passport is just quirky enough, just odd enough to make people interested in it. Even during my review, I’ve had several people ask about the device, even a guy at the Apple Store (Yes, I was showing off) had questions about it and that’s actually beneficial to BlackBerry. Just quirky enough, just odd enough, that people want to pick up the device and see what it is all about and well, BlackBerry needs that. Not enough people know BlackBerry 10 even exists, let alone the fact that’s a great operating system. If their first experience on BlackBerry 10 is the BlackBerry Passport, I feel that’s a good thing because even though it looks a little odd, it’s a pretty complete package when all things are considered.

This pretty much sums up how I feel about the Passport (but obviously without actually having used it). It looks a little quirky – and therefore interesting – and I am very happy that at least someone has the gusto to try something new in the physical keyboard department. At this point, the Passport is literally the only high-end, modern smartphone with a hardware keyboard.

That’s sad, but at least we have an option now.

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