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Boeing’s Autonomous Fighter Jet Could Arrive Next Year

Slashdot reader technology_dude writes in response to an Engadget report about Boeing’s plans to develop an autonomous fighter jet: In Season 1, Episode 23 of Star Trek, the Enterprise visits two worlds that are at continuous war. The war is ran via computers, and people that are victims in a “hit” report to a facility to be terminated. Kirk tells the world’s leaders that there can be no peace if there is no cost to the war. We avoid war because of its cost and ugliness. Remove that and you remove the reason to stop. It looks like we may need the Captain to intervene here on planet earth. We seem hellbent on automating our militaries. The report says Boeing’s recently unveiled autonomous fighter jet, called the Boeing Airpower Teaming System, is expected to arrive as soon as 2020. “The aircraft is designed to fly alongside crewed jets during combat, performing early warning tests, intelligence gathering, surveillance and reconnaissance,” reports Engadget. The company says the jets will cost a “fraction” of a manned fighter.

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