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Can the OnePlus 2 equal mainstream success?

And right now, early adopters and smartphone aficionados are really the limit of OnePlus’ customer base. Though the company has been able to build tremendous amounts of hype and attention through its fan forums, social media accounts, and on technology blogs, the reality is that OnePlus is far from a household name at this point. Selling 1.5 million phones, as OnePlus did for its first phone, is certainly impressive for an upstart company, but it pales in comparison to the number of units Apple and Samsung move each quarter.

I find these numbers jaw-dropping, to be honest. This completely unknown – at the time – company managed to sell 1.5 million of its first phone, and now its second phone has already seen more than one million pre-orders. I don’t know about you, but I find that really, really impressive.

As for the headline question – I find that unlikely at this point, but does it really matter? Does every company need to be either Apple or Samsung to be considered even remotely interesting by American/western technology media?

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