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Can We Really Stop Climate Change By ‘Capturing’ Carbon?

An anonymous Slashdot reader writes: The recently-ratified Paris Climate Accord calls on countries to keep the rise in average global temperatures under 2 degrees Celsius (a threshold which would bring extreme weather, water shortages and reduced agricultural production). But a recent article on Vox warns that “the world has to zero out net carbon emissions…for a good chance of avoiding 2 degrees, by around 2065. After that, emissions have to go negative… We are betting our species’ future on our ability to bury carbon.”

That’s why everyone’s watching the W.A. Parish Generating Station in Texas, which came online this week — on schedule, and under budget. “The plant will use a newly installed system to capture 90 percent of the carbon dioxide created during combustion.”

Alas, Slashdot reader Dan Drollette brings bad news from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: To fight climate change with carbon capture and storage technology, we’d have to complete one new carbon capture facility every working day for the next 70 years. It’s better to switch to a diet of energy conservation, efficiency, and renewables, rather than rely on this technology as a kind of emergency planetary liposuction.

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