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Low-Risk Ultrasound Procedure Destroys 80 Percent of Prostate Cancers In One-Year Study

An anonymous reader quotes a report from SlashGear: A new treatment shows promise for revolutionizing prostate cancer treatment, offering a minimally-invasive and relatively low-risk alternative to traditional surgeries and radiotherapies. Called TULSA, this method uses sound waves to eliminate the diseased tissue in the prostate, leaving the rest of the healthy tissues behind. According to the researchers, patients treated with ... Read More »

Genetic Database That Identified Golden State Killer Acquired By Crime Scene DNA Company

“The crime scene DNA sequencing company Verogen announced yesterday that they’ve acquired the genomics database and website GEDmatch,” reports The Verge. “GEDmatch was primarily used by genealogists until 2018, when police, the FBI, and a forensic genealogist identified the suspected Golden State Killer by tying crime scene DNA to relatives who had uploaded their genetic information to the site. Since ... Read More »

Facebook, Google Drop Out of Top 10 ‘Best Places To Work’ List

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Bloomberg: Big tech companies like Facebook and Alphabet’s Google, long seen as some of the world’s most desirable workplaces offering countless perks and employee benefits, are losing some of their shine. The Silicon Valley companies dropped out of the Top 10 “best places to work” in the U.S., according to Glassdoor’s annual rankings ... Read More »