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Is Andrew Yang Wrong About Robots Taking Our Jobs?

U.S. presidential candidate Andrew Yang “is full of it,” argues Slate’s senior business and economics correspondent, challenging Yang’s contention (in a debate Tuesday) that American jobs were being lost to automation: Following the debate, a “fact check” by the AP claimed that Yang was right and Warren wrong. “Economists mostly blame [manufacturing] job losses on automation and robots, not trade ... Read More »

‘How Andrew Yang Would Fix The Internet’

For the “Privacy Project” newsletter of the New York Times, opinion writer Charlie Warzel interviewed U.S. presidential candidate Andrew Yang. Their far-ranging conversation covered everything from whether Facebook should be able to run political ads to his proposed Department of the Attention Economy: Andrew Yang: I was talking to a researcher recently and she described a concept called data dignity, ... Read More »

Is America’s Federal Banking System Considering Its Own Digital Cryptocurrency?

America’s lawmakers and Federal Reserve officials “are so concerned about Facebook’s plans to launch a new digital currency,” reports Politico’s financial services reporter, “that they’re contemplating a novel response — having the central bank create a competitor.” Momentum is building for an idea that was once considered outlandish — a U.S. government-run virtual currency that would replace physical cash, a ... Read More »

‘South Park’ Nears $500-Million Deal for US Streaming Rights

An anonymous reader quotes the Los Angeles Times: “South Park” is the latest beneficiary of Hollywood’s rerun mania. The show’s creators and media giant Viacom Inc. expect to share between $450 million and $500 million by selling the streaming rights to the animated comedy, one of the longest-running TV series in U.S. history, according to people familiar with the matter. ... Read More »

Australia’s Buggy Automated System Suspended 1 Million Welfare Payments This Year

An anonymous reader quotes the Guardian’s report on last year’s update to Australia’s automated system for welfare benefits: Welfare advocates say the consequences have been disastrous… In 12 months, welfare payments were stopped an extra 1 million times… [A] recipient’s money is cut off automatically until they satisfy their job agency consultant that they are committed to looking for work… ... Read More »