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After Four More Phone Masts Attacked, YouTube Promises To Remove Some 5G Conspiracy Videos

The Guardian reports that YouTube “will reduce the amount of content spreading conspiracy theories about links between 5G technology and coronavirus that it recommends to users, it has said, as four more attacks were recorded on phone masts within 24 hours.” The online video company will actively remove videos that breach its policies, it said. But content that is simply ... Read More »

How Robert Cringely Scored 5 Million N95 Masks From China

This week, tech pundit Robert Cringely described how a chance conversation with China-based entrepreneur Anina led to a friend with a garment factory “now making fully certified N-95 respirators with no clear distribution plan.” Late on a Sunday night with the tech world in shut-down, how long would it take for me to find someone looking for up to five ... Read More »

Unqork CEO: Anything Java Coders Can Do, No-Code Can Do 200x Faster

Here’s some interesting thoughts from long-time Slashdot reader theodp: CNBC reports that the next frontier in the Microsoft, Google, Amazon cloud battle is over a world without code. Google recently acquired no-code app development platform AppSheet, Microsoft just launched a new public preview of its low-code Power Apps mobile app for iOS and Android, and there is speculation about an ... Read More »

Mobilizing 3D Printers Around the World Against the Coronovirus

“From face-shields to respirator valves, 3-D printer owners pitch in to the efforts to provide PPE to Australian hospitals,” writes davecb (Slashdot reader #6,526). It’s not only happening in Australia. But the Guardian talked to Mat Bowtell, a former Toyota engineer in Australia who’s using fourteen 3D printers to manufacture thousands of face shields for healthcare workers. And citing 3D ... Read More »