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Vizio Wants Next-Generation Smart TVs To Target Ads To Households

Smart TV manufacturer Vizio has formed a partnership with nine media and advertising companies to develop an industry standard that will allow smart TVs to target advertisements to specific households, the companies said this week. From a report: The consortium includes major TV networks like Comcast Corp’s NBCUniversal and CBS, as well as advertising technology companies like AT&T’s Xandr. Addressable ... Read More »

Google Builds Circuit to Solve One of Quantum Computing’s Biggest Problems

Researchers at Google, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and the University of California Santa Barbara has solved one of the biggest limitations with quantum computing: all the control and readout circuits of quantum computer systems must be at room temperature, while their superconducting qubits live in a cryogenic enclosure at less than 1 kelvin. “For today’s sub-100-qubit systems, there’s ... Read More »

North Korea Advertises Military Hardware On Twitter and YouTube, Defying Sanctions

eatmorekix shares a report from Motherboard: Glocom, a front company for the government of North Korea that sells sanctioned equipment, isn’t giving up. In 2017, before YouTube quietly removed Glocom’s channel, the company was advertising missile navigation and other military products on the video platform. But Glocom has returned. It setup a new channel, and also had a presence on ... Read More »

Google Hardware Makes Cuts To Laptop and Tablet Development, Cancels Products

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: A report from Business Insider claims that Google has axed “dozens” of employees from its laptop and tablet division. BI’s sources describe the move as “roadmap cutbacks” and also say that Google will likely “pare down the portfolio” in the future. Google’s Hardware division is run by Rick Osterloh and is ... Read More »

Verizon Says 5G Network Will Cost Extra $10 a Month

Verizon said on Tuesday that it will charge an additional $10 a month per smartphone for subscribers who want to add 5G speeds to their devices, the first major U.S. carrier to disclose pricing for the faster cellular service. From a report: Verizon says it’ll flip the switch next month on a much-hyped, next-generation “5G” phone network. Service will start ... Read More »