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After Gates Allegations, Microsoft Opens a Review of Its Sexual Harassment Policies

Microsoft announced a review of its sexual harassment and gender discrimination policies “after shareholders raised alarms about how Microsoft and Bill Gates, one of its founders, had treated employees, especially women,” reports the New York Times: Shareholders passed a resolution during the company’s 2021 annual meeting to review the policies Microsoft has in place for its employees to protect them ... Read More »

Giant Lasers Simulate Exoplanet Cores, Prove They’re More Likely to Have Life

Slashdot reader vikingo9 writes, “By smashing a piece of iron to insanely high pressures, using a laser the size of a football stadium, a team of scientists led by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have discovered that exoplanets 4-6 times larger than Earth have an increase chance of harboring biological life.” The thinking goes that a molten core “is probably required ... Read More »

California Judge Rules Google’s Confidentiality Agreements Break the State’s Labor Laws

“A California judge ruled this week that the confidentiality agreements Google requires its employees to sign are too broad and break the state’s labor laws,” reports the Washington Post, calling it “a decision that could make it easier for workers at famously secret Big Tech firms to speak openly about their companies.” A Google employee identified as John Doe argued ... Read More »

Zuckerberg and Pichai Allegedly Signed Off On Illegal Facebook-Google Ad Deal

BuzzFeed News reports: Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg personally signed off on a secret advertising deal that allegedly gave Facebook special privileges on Google’s ad platform, according to newly unredacted court documents filed on Friday. The allegation is from a complaint first filed in December 2020 by Texas and several other states against Google for engaging ... Read More »

Despite Cannabinoids Study, ‘Odds Aren’t Fantastic’ It Will Ever Treat Covid

While a recent study found that cannabinoids protected cells in a petri dish from SARS-CoV-2 infection, “working in a petri dish is a relatively low bar for a drug to clear,” Slate points out. “The conventional wisdom in pharmaceutical sciences holds that, of every 10,000 drugs that shows potential effectiveness, only one will make it to market.” Dish experiments need ... Read More »