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Coral Is Google’s Quiet Initiative To Enable AI Without the Cloud

Google is working to improve the speed and security of on-device AI through a little-known initiative called Coral. The Verge reports: “Traditionally, data from [AI] devices was sent to large compute instances, housed in centralized data centers where machine learning models could operate at speed,” Vikram Tank, product manager at Coral, explained to The Verge over email. “Coral is a ... Read More »

Amazon To Ask Court To Block Microsoft From Working On $10 Billion JEDI Contract

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Register: Amazon Web Services is expecting a decision next month from a U.S. court about whether the brakes will be slammed on the Pentagon’s lucrative Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract awarded to Microsoft. The filing (PDF), on January 13, sets up the schedule for key dates including February 11, when AWS ... Read More »

‘Why the Foundations of Physics Have Not Progressed For 40 Years’

Sabine Hossenfelder, research fellow at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, writes: What we have here in the foundation of physics is a plain failure of the scientific method. All these wrong predictions should have taught physicists that just because they can write down equations for something does not mean this math is a scientifically promising hypothesis. String theory, supersymmetry, ... Read More »

Microsoft Patches Major Windows 10 Vulnerability After NSA Warning

Microsoft on Tuesday patched an extraordinarily serious security vulnerability in a core cryptographic component present in all versions of Windows. The vulnerability was spotted and reported by the NSA. CNBC reports: The flaw affected encryption of digital signatures used to authenticate content, including software or files. If exploited, the flaw could allow criminals to send malicious content with fake signatures ... Read More »

How Digital Sleuths Unravelled the Mystery of Iran’s Plane Crash

Open-source intelligence proved vital in the investigation into Ukraine Airlines flight PS752. Then Iranian officials had to admit the truth. From a report: […] In the days after the Ukraine Airlines plane crashed into the ground outside Tehran, Bellingcat and The New York Times have blown a hole in the supposition that the downing of the aircraft was an engine ... Read More »