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Germany’s Nationwide Emergency Warning Day Sees Bumpy Rollout

For those living in or visiting Germany on Thursday, things got loud this morning. At 11 a.m. sharp (0900 GMT) Germany carried out a nationwide test of its civil alarm systems — with everything from sirens to push notifications on smartphones being tested. The test was slated to run for exactly 20 minutes. It’s the first test of its kind ... Read More »

Now Is the Time To Bring Back Away Messages

Life is totally online — we need ways to politely disconnect. From a report: I spend most Thursdays heads down writing. The task is one that, at least for me, requires absolute focus, a quality that I have to essentially beg some corner of my brain to extend to me for a few hours. This usually fails, making the draft ... Read More »

GM Can Manage an EV’s Batteries Wirelessly — and Remotely

An anonymous reader quotes a report: IEEE Spectrum got an exclusive look at General Motors’ wireless battery management system. It’s a first in any EV anywhere (not even Tesla has one). The wireless technology, created with Analog Devices, Inc., will be standard on a full range of GM EVs, with the company aiming for at least 1 million global sales ... Read More »

Biden Campaign Firm Hit By Suspected Kremlin Hacking Attack

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign was hit by an attack that was caught by Microsoft, which reportedly gathered information identifying hackers linked to the Kremlin as the most likely suspects. The Daily Beast reports: Reuters reported Thursday morning that suspected Russian state-backed hackers have attempted to breach the systems at Washington-based SKDKnickerbocker, a strategy and communications firm working hand-in-glove with Joe ... Read More »

TikTok Reveals Details of How Its Algorithm Works

On a call with reporters Wednesday, TikTok executives said they were revealing details of their algorithm and data practices to dispel myths and rumors about the company. Axios reports: TikTok’s algorithm uses machine learning to determine what content a user is most likely to engage with and serve them more of it, by finding videos that are similar or that ... Read More »