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Ex-Apple Worker Charged With Stealing Self-Driving Car Trade Secrets

U.S. authorities on Monday charged a former Apple employee with theft of trade secrets, alleging that the person downloaded a secret blueprint related to a self-driving car to a personal laptop and later trying to flee the country, according to a criminal complaint filed in federal court. From a report: The complaint said that the former employee, Xiaolang Zhang, disclosed ... Read More »

PayPal Told Customer Her Death Breached Its Rules

dryriver shares a report from the BBC: PayPal wrote to a woman who had died of cancer saying her death had breached its rules and that it might take legal action as a consequence. The firm has since acknowledged that the letter was “insensitive,” apologized to her widower, and begun an inquiry into how it came to be sent. Lindsay ... Read More »

DOJ Reaches Settlement On Publication of Files About 3D Printed Firearms

He Who Has No Name writes: Those who remember Cody Wilson and Defense Distributed — the self-described cryptoanarchist and his organization that published plans for 3D printable firearm parts, respectively — also remember that not long after the plans for the printable Liberator single-shot pistol hit the web, the Department of State seized the Defense Distributed website and prohibited Wilson ... Read More »

Apple’s China-Friendly Censorship Caused An iPhone-Crashing Bug

Security researcher Patrick Wardle helped Apple fix a bug that would crash apps displaying the word “Taiwan” or the Taiwanese flag emoji. Some iPhones could be remotely crashed by something as simple as receiving a text message with the Taiwanese flag. Apple confirmed the fix in a security update Monday. Wired reports: “Basically Apple added some code to iOS with ... Read More »