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Stunt Woman Tests Apple Watch With Violent Fake Falls

It seems like everyone’s curious about how the Apple Watch 4 detects falls. The Washington Post reports: In the interest of science, I’ve tried jumping off ledges and throwing myself onto furniture. The thing never went off. (The feature is on by default only for people older than 65, but I turned mine on.) It’s possible, even likely, that the ... Read More »

How To Disable Gmail’s Annoying New ‘Smart Compose’ Predictive Typing Feature

“I’ve seen this ‘Smart Compose’ feature described publicly with a range of adjectives,” writes Lauren Weinstein, “including intrusive, wonderful, invasive, creepy, accurate, loony, mistaken, helpful, misguided — well, you get the point, opinions are all over the map….” My foundational complaint here isn’t that Google deployed Smart Compose, but rather that they enabled it by default without providing users even ... Read More »

Slack Prepares Analytics Tool To Compete With G Suite and Office 365

An anonymous reader quotes Computerworld: Slack is building a new analytics tool to offer businesses greater insights into how their teams collaborate, part of the company’s plans to make better use of the data created within its popular chatapp. “We are hoping to build a set of insights that help you understand not only how Slack is being used, but ... Read More »

Two Events Celebrate Text Adventures, Roguelike Games

An anonymous reader writes: The 24th annual Interactive Fiction Competition kicked off Monday, unveiling 77 new text adventures which will vie for nearly $9,000 in prize money. The contest’s organizers are encouraging people to play and rate the free games, and encourage their friends to join in the fun (or to donate more prize money or other prizes). They’re dedicating ... Read More »