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Celebrating the Life of Pi

Follow @LinuxUserMag In a year when Nintendo was supposed to be taking the plaudits for its latest console; at a time when Apple was expecting punters to lap up its latest tablet and phone; during a period when small-form-factor gaming was going to be the sole preserve of the Sony PlayStation Vita, another machine was gathering column inches. By the ... Read More »

Linux Kernel 3.2.41 LTS Released into the Wild, Download Now

Ben Hutchings announced the immediate availability for download of Linux kernel 3.2.41 LTS. Linux kernel 3.2.41 brings a lot of various fixes, as well as driver improvements, network fixes, not to mention support for various devices. Highlights of Linux kernel 3.2.41 LTS: • The UTF8 -> UTF16 string conversion routine has been improved;• Huawei E5331 driver has been added;• Support ... Read More »

GStreamer 1.0.6 Released with Minor Fixes

GStreamer, a development framework for creating applications such as media players, video editors, and so on, has finally reached version 1.0.6. The GStreamer project has announced that a new API and ABI-stable 1.x series, which makes up the GStreamer multimedia framework, has been released. Highlights of GStreamer 1.0.6: • Seeking on a pipeline, with NULL clock, is now working properly;• ... Read More »

Create a VPN with the Raspberry Pi

Follow @LinuxUserMag One possible scenario for wanting a cheap server that you can leave somewhere is if you have recently moved away from home and would like to be able to easily access all of the devices on the network at home, in a secure manner. This will enable you to send files directly to computers, diagnose problems and other ... Read More »