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How One Hacker’s Mistake Fashioned the Internet You Use Today

LinuxSecurity.com: The Department of Defense thought the Russians were attacking. An MIT computer called PREP was the first to be penetrated. It was Nov. 2, 1988, and the time was approximately 8 p.m. Within hours and into the following morning, an estimated 10% of all machines connected to the Internet would crash, overloaded with several copies of a mysterious program. Read More »

How to install Nightingale media player in ubuntu 13.10/13.04/12.10

Nightingale is a completely free, open source audio player and web browser based on the Songbird media player source code. As such, Nightingale’s engine is based on the Mozilla XULRunner with libraries such as the GStreamer media framework and libtag providing media tagging and playback support, amongst others. Since official support for Linux was dropped by Songbird in April, 2010, ... Read More »

Intel’s big fish in a little pond – A Minnow Interview

Follow @LinuxUserMag Scott Garman, the man Intel has appointed as the ‘evangelist’ for its first steps into open hardware development, has a history of embedded development. “I’m not a hardcore kernel hacker,” he tells us during an interview to commemorate the launch of the MinnowBoard single-board computer, “but a generalist who enjoys working with the big picture in mind.” A ... Read More »

Make a small business database with LibreOffice

Follow @LinuxUserMag We’re going to show you how to put together a typical database for small business use: a database of customer details. It will be possible to both export and import contact data from in standard formats by making use of Calc, LibreOffice’s spreadsheet module. We’ll use Gmail contacts as our source, but you can use any software that ... Read More »