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Cinnamon 2.0 in Linux Mint 16, no GNOME back-end

Follow @LinuxUserMag In an interview for an upcoming issue of Linux User & Developer, Linux Mint developer Clement Lefebvre, aka Clem, revealed some of the plans for the future of Linux Mint and Cinnamon – most importantly, how recent developments have caused the team to finally move to making the code base independent of GNOME: Clement Lefebvre: Basically, in [Cinnamon] ... Read More »

Canonical Declares Victory on Ubuntu’s No. 1 Bug

Declaring a thing may not make it so, but it certainly gets tongues wagging. Case in point: Canonical’s announcement last week that Ubuntu’s longstanding Bug No. 1 — which read simply, “Microsoft has a majority market share” — has now been closed. “Personal computing today is a broader proposition than it was in 2004: phones, tablets, wearables and other devices ... Read More »

Ayttm – Unified instant messenger client

Ayttm is an instant messaging (aka chat) client that provides all-in-one chat functionality for several major instant messaging services from one simple program. Ayttm “Contacts” allow you to refer to several accounts of the same person from a single contact name, making it one of the cleanest and simplest clients to use. (…)Read the rest of Ayttm – Unified instant ... Read More »