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Fedora 19 Alpha out now

Follow @LinuxUserMag Fedora has had it a little rough of late, with Fedora 17 and 18 not being the community favourites of old. Moving ahead, work is well under away for Fedora 19, and the first development release has just been released – Fedora 19 Alpha. New features coming to Fedora 19 are already available in the Alpha, this includes ... Read More »

CEO Brian Gentile: ‘Jaspersoft Has Chosen to Disrupt’

Business intelligence could be one of the most essential but little-known secrets that drives executive decisions in the marketplace. The BI market is dominated by companies that sell their proprietary business analytics solutions. Few open source companies have countered with software to overtake the traditional vendor establishment. However, open source does have its BI success stories. Jaspersoft markets an open ... Read More »