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NVIDIA Prepares Linux Users for a Future Without 32-bit

NVIDIA has announced that it has dropped support for the 32-bit Linux-x86 CUDA and OpenCL applications. Removing the 32-bit support is not really a problem for Linux users, given the fact that there are very few people who are still running 32-bit systems with the new Nvidia cards. According to NVIDIA, the Linux-x86 version of the CUDA toolkit is still ... Read More »

A GPL breakthrough – The Free Software Column

Follow @LinuxUserMag Non-profit Foss organisation the software Freedom conservancy has reached an amicable agreement with samsung to release the code for samsung’s exFat file system driver for linux under the terms of the Gpl. The exFAT driver code came to light through its inadvertent release via GitHub and the use of a binary version in a Samsung Linux-based tablet. The ... Read More »

Windows 9 Desktop Concept Looks Suspiciously Like a Linux One

A concept of the upcoming Windows 9 that has been getting a lot of attention, but not affiliated with Microsoft in any way, is looking suspiciously like a Linux desktop. The designer says that he “added an appbar, detailled the window sidebar of the folder, added the app utilisation, virtual desktops and a little music play in the taskbar,” All ... Read More »

First KDE 4.12 Beta Officially Released

The KDE Project just announced new Beta releases of the new 4.12 version of Applications and the KDE Development Platform. This is the first beta released in the new KDE 4.12 branch and even if its not yet ready for full integration, it does provide an idea on what to expect next. “This release does not include Plasma Workspaces, which ... Read More »