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Linux Kernel 3.9 – The Kernel Column with Jon Masters

Follow @LinuxUserMag Linus Torvalds has announced the first several 3.9 kernel release candidates, following the closing of the 3.9 ‘merge window’ (period of time during which disruptive changes to the kernel and new features are merged). Merge windows are typically up to two weeks in duration (and seldom longer), though Linus has gone to great pains over the past few ... Read More »

Download Linux Kernel 3.10 Release Candidate 1

On May 11, Linus Torvalds announced that the first Release Candidate of the upcoming Linux 3.10 kernel is available for download and testing. Linux kernel 3.10 RC1 (Release Candidate 1) brings to many changes to count, including bugfixes, improvements and updated or new drivers. Among some of them, we can mention VFS updates, device-map… (read more) Read More »

Linux Kernel 3.9.2 Officially Released, Brings Support for New IvyBridge Processor

Greg Kroah-Hartman has announced the immediate availability for download of Linux kernel 3.9.2. Linux kernel 3.9.2 brings a lot of various fixes, as well as driver improvements, network fixes, not to mention support for various devices. This is the start of the stable review cycle for the 3.9.2 release. There are 73 patches in this series” said Greg Kroah-Hartman in the ... Read More »

Emulate a Bluetooth keyboard with the Raspberry Pi

Follow @LinuxUserMag Today, we’ll be learning how to use a Raspberry Pi to act as a Bluetooth keyboard, and writing our own program to relay input to the client device. This will provide a useful insight into how a protocol like Bluetooth works, how sockets work, and how data is sent across simple protocols. We’ll also be learning a little ... Read More »