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Cloudera’s Mike Olson: Hadoop vs. Closed Source Is Not a Fair Fight

For many database practitioners, Hadoop is turning the tables on the relational database model. The rise of Big Data is driving what some see as a much-needed change in the platforms that process the massive infusions of aggregated raw data. Take for example, Cloudera founder and Chief Strategy Officer Mike Olson. His open source company harnesses Apache Hadoop-based software and ... Read More »

$5 8 GB SD card with NOOBS for Raspberry Pi now available

Follow @LinuxUserMag A couple of months ago, the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced NOOBS, the New Out Of Box Software. Designed to make first time set-up much easier for new Linux users, all it requires is for you to unzip some files onto a blank SD card, and then follow the instructions on the Pi. This new software is now available ... Read More »

FreeBSD 9.2 RC1 Gets a Little Closer to the Final Version

FreeBSD 9.2 RC1, an operating system for x86, ARM, IA-64, PowerPC, PC-98 and UltraSPARC architectures, has been released and it’s available for testing. The FreeBSD 9.2 branch has already gone through a couple of Beta versions and a few important features have been implemented. When the RC versions are released, the developers only try to squeeze fixes and smaller changes, ... Read More »