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Next version of ubuntu named as saucy salamander (Ubuntu 13.10)

Congratulations and thanks to the entire extended Ubuntu community for today’s release of Ubuntu 13.04, the Raring Ringtail. Feedback over the past few months on raring has been fantastic – pretty much universal recognition of the performance and quality initiatives Rick’s team have lead and which have been embraced across the platform and the community. (…)Read the rest of Next ... Read More »

Edubuntu 13.04 Screenshot Tour

Edubuntu may not be as well-known as Ubuntu, but it’s still an important product from Canonical and has just reached version 13.04, along with Kubuntu and Xubuntu. We have prepared a screenshot tour for your enjoyment. Edubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will benefit from the same nine months of support, just like all the other releases in the series. Highlights of ... Read More »

Ubuntu 13.04 Emerges to Less-Than-Stellar Reviews

Canonical has released Ubuntu 13.04, also known as “Raring Ringtail,” on the desktop. However, the release failed to thrill many reviewers, whose complaints included the point that Canonical had left out several features, including privacy protection and the Windows-based Ubuntu Installer. “In the reviews that I looked at, the main complaints were that Canonical had essentially dumbed down Ubuntu and ... Read More »

Bodhi Linux Review – Enlightened Ubuntu

Follow @LinuxUserMag We’re constantly seeing Ubuntu being used as a base for other distros, whether it’s official respins with a different desktop featured, more involved remakes such as Linux Mint that “fixes” the problems with Ubuntu, or lightweight/green versions of Canonical’s distro like wattOS. Bodhi is on the lightweight end of the scale, taking it the extreme by using Enlightenment ... Read More »

"Forget passwords!": Google joins FIDO

LinuxSecurity.com: The FIDO Alliance, an organisation that aims to develop user-friendly password alternatives, has gainedPDF several new members and supporters this week. Google, NXP and CrucialTec have joined the Alliance’s board of directors, taking seats alongside existing “Board Level” members. Read More »