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Mozilla, BlackBerry Team Up on Peach Fuzzing

Politics may make for strange bedfellows, but there’s no comparison to the match-ups that occur in the business world. Consider this: Mozilla, which has been flexing its muscles of late and pushing into the smartphone business and foreign markets, announced on Wednesday that it has teamed up with the flailing and failing BlackBerry, which is hemorrhaging market share, to conduct ... Read More »

Organize Your Media Collection with Data Crow 3.11.1

Data Crow, a media cataloger and organizer that can be used to manage all your collections in one product, is now at version 3.11.1. Data Crow 3.11.1 allows users to create a huge database containing all the possible collectibles and to take advantage of the online services to retrieve the information at will. Highlights of Data Crow 3.11.1: • The ... Read More »

NSA secrets kill our trust

LinuxSecurity.com: In July 2012, responding to allegations that the video-chat service Skype — owned by Microsoft — was changing its protocols to make it possible for the government to eavesdrop on users, Corporate Vice President Mark Gillett took to the company’s blog to deny it. Read More »

Android’s Crazy-Quilt Syndrome

There’s no question that Android is fragmented. OpenSignal has counted nearly 11,900 distinct Android devices so far this year, compared with fewer than 4,000 last year. OpenSignal’s visual representations of the number of devices and the brands are a welter of shapes and colors. Think crazy quilts sewn by demented craftspeople inhaling non-tobacco substances. “In some ways [fragmentation] helps developers ... Read More »