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GTK+ 3.7.10 Now Supports Window Manager Frame Synchronization Protocol

GTK+, a multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces that provide a complete set of widgets, suitable for projects ranging from small one-off tools to complete application suites, is now at version 3.7.10. According to the developers, GTK+ 3.7.10 incorporates new features and quite a few updates: • Setting an opacity to any GtkWidget, not just toplevels, is now possible. ... Read More »

Nautilus (Files) 3.7.90 Gets New Treeview Option

The GNOME developers behind the Nautilus project (now known as Files) have announced that version 3.7.90 is now available for download. Nautilus may have changed its name to Files, but it will take a long time for users to get used to it. In any case, Files 3.7.90 is finally here and it comes with a few modifications. Highlights of ... Read More »

Ubuntu Tablet OS Hardware Requirements Revealed

Canonical was proud to announced earlier today, February 19, that they are planning to release a modified version of the Ubuntu operating system, for tablets. Called “Ubuntu on tablets,” the yet to be released operating system will give users a modern and polished, yet classy tablet experience. You can read more about Ubuntu on tablets in the official announcement or ... Read More »