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Are Tesla’s Data-Gathering Cars Secretly Improving Autopilot’s Algorithms?

“When the history of autonomous cars is written, the winner will be Tesla,” speculates long-time technology pundit Robert Cringely. “Heck, I think they’ve already won.” But his article includes a disclaimer that it’s “based pretty much on logic, not knowledge, which is to say I might again be too frigging stupid to read, much less write.” Tesla has more than ... Read More »

US Judge Blocks Attempt to Ban WeChat

“The popular Chinese messaging and payments app WeChat looks like it might still be available in the U.S. beyond Sunday night, after all,” reports the Street: U.S. Magistrate Judge Laurel Beeler of San Francisco stopped the Trump administration from forcing Apple and Alphabet to take the Tencent Holdings’ messaging app offline for downloading by late Sunday, according to a report ... Read More »

Chinese Intelligence Compiles ‘Vast Database’ About Millions Around the World

Australia’s national public broadcaster ABC reports: A Chinese company with links to Beijing’s military and intelligence networks has been amassing a vast database of detailed personal information on thousands of Australians, including prominent and influential figures. A database of 2.4 million people, including more than 35,000 Australians, has been leaked from the Shenzhen company Zhenhua Data which is believed to ... Read More »

Is Momentum Growing for Universal Basic Incomes?

“A successful basic-income trial in Stockton, California, has inspired a chain of similar pilots in other cities,” reports Business Insider: The city council of Saint Paul, Minnesota, voted to approve funding for a pilot there on Wednesday. The program is set to begin this fall and will give up to 150 low-income families $500 per month for up to 18 ... Read More »