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Russia Accused of Spreading Coronavirus Disinformation

Two associate professors studying foreign trolls online have penned an op-ed in the Washington Post arguing that Russian efforts to stir up antagonisms online “continues to be true with coronavirus disinformation.” In our research, we have found multiple networks of fake accounts — one of which we can attribute to Russia — that use conversations about coronavirus as a tool ... Read More »

Earth’s Crust Is Shaking Less After Coronavirus Lockdowns

CNN reports: Around the world, seismologists are observing a lot less ambient seismic noise — meaning, the vibrations generated by cars, trains, buses and people going about their daily lives. And in the absence of that noise, Earth’s upper crust is moving just a little less. Thomas Lecocq, a geologist and seismologist at the Royal Observatory in Belgium, first pointed ... Read More »

Edge Overtakes Firefox To Become the Second-Most Popular Browser

Long-time Slashdot reader AmiMoJo quotes Softpedia: It was probably just a matter of time, but the thing so many people, including everyone at Microsoft, expected finally happened: Microsoft Edge surpassed Mozilla Firefox to become the world’s second most-used desktop browser. Data provided by market analysis firm NetMarketShare reveals that the whole thing happened in March, when the adoption of the ... Read More »

What It’s Like To Attend a Conference — in Person — in the Age of Covid-19?

What happens when no one shows up for a tech conference? Fast Company’s technology editor harrymcc writes: From Apple to Microsoft to Google, major tech companies have responded to the coronavirus crisis by either canceling their 2020 conference or making them purely virtual. But one well-established event — Vancouver’s CanSecWest — went ahead earlier this month, with streaming as an ... Read More »