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Murder Suspect Jailed Over Refusing To Reveal Password In the UK

A man suspected of murdering a teenager in England has been arrested for failing to hand over his Facebook password to authorities. The BBC reports: Lucy McHugh, 13, was found stabbed to death in woodland last month, a day after she disappeared. Stephen-Alan Nicholson, 24, pleaded guilty to failing to comply with an order under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers ... Read More »

Humans To Blame For Most Self-Driving Car Crashes In California, Study Finds

cartechboy writes: Turns out computers are better drivers than humans after all. Axios compiled a study that found the vast majority of crashes in California involving self-driving cars were not caused by the autonomous vehicles themselves. Of the 54 incidents involving 55 companies holding self-driving permits in California, only one crash could be blamed on a self-driving car in autonomous ... Read More »

‘Gold Standard’ State Net Neutrality Bill Approved By California Assembly

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: California’s state Assembly yesterday approved a strict net neutrality bill despite opposition from the telecom industry. California’s Senate already approved an earlier version of the bill in May. But some minor changes were made in the Assembly, so the Senate must vote on the bill again today before going into recess. ... Read More »