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After 19 Years CMU Discontinues Cyrus IMAP In Favor Of Microsoft Exchange And Gmail

Long-time Slashdot reader Hobart writes: The Cyrus IMAP server, created by and for Carnegie Mellon University, has lost support of its founding institution. As of last fall, they announced that student and faculty email will be run on Microsoft Exchange, or Google’s Gmail suite of apps. The company FastMail seems to be the primary driver of Cyrus IMAPd software now, ... Read More »

Red Hat And IBM Will Vote Against Java’s Next Release

An anonymous reader quotes InfoWorld: The next edition of standard Java had been proceeding toward its planned July 27 release after earlier bumps in the road over modularity. But now Red Hat and IBM have opposed the module plan. “JDK 9 might be held up by this,” Oracle’s Georges Saab, vice president of development for the Java platform, said late ... Read More »

How The 1997 ‘NESticle’ Emulator Redefined Retro Gaming

Slashdot reader martiniturbide writes: For those who lived the console emulator and retrogaming boom on the late 90’s there is this interesting article about the story of NESticle posted at Motherboard. NESticle was a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) console emulator that had a huge success in the early internet era and helped to start the emulation scene. The author of ... Read More »

New Shodan Tool Tracks Down Botnet Command-And-Control Servers

An anonymous reader quotes The Stack: Search engine Shodan has announced a tool to help businesses hunt out and block traffic from malware command-and-control servers. The new Malware Hunter service, which has been designed in a collaborative project with threat intelligence company Recorded Future, continuously scans the internet to locate control panels for different remote access Trojans, including Gh0st RAT, ... Read More »

39 Years Ago The World’s First Spam Was Sent

An anonymous reader write: Wednesday was the 39th anniversary of the world’s first spam, sent by Gary Thuerk, a marketer for Massachusetts’ Digital Equipment Corporation in 1978 to over 300 users on Arpanet. It was written in all capital letters, and its body began with 273 more email addresses that wouldn’t fit in the header. The DEC marketer “was reportedly ... Read More »