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How Accurate Were Ray Kurzweil’s Predictions for 2019?

In 1999, Ray Kurzweil made predictions about what the world would be like 20 years in the future. Last month the community blog LessWrong took a look at how accurate Kurzweil’s predictions turned out to be: This was a follow up to a previous assessment about his predictions about 2009, which showed a mixed bag, roughly evenly divided between right ... Read More »

GitHub, Android, Python, Go: More Software Adopts Race-Neutral Terminology

“The terms ‘allowlist’ and ‘blocklist’ describe their purpose, while the other words use metaphors to describe their purpose,” reads a change description on the source code for Android — from over a year ago. 9to5Mac calls it “a shortened version of Google’s (internal-only) explanation” for terminology changes which are now becoming more widespread. And Thursday GitHub’s CEO said they were ... Read More »

A Spaceflight Engineer Recovers the Lost Software For Apollo 10’s Lunar Module

Long-time Slashdot reader destinyland writes: Vintage computing enthusiasts have recreated NASA’s legendary “Apollo Guidance Computer,” the 1960s-era assembly-language onboard guidance and navigation computer for the Apollo missions to the moon. Unfortunately, the software had been lost for the Apollo 10 mission (a manned “dress rehearsal” mission which flew to the moon eight weeks before Neil Armstrong’s famous moonwalk mission). But ... Read More »

Lego Unveils New ‘Robot Inventor’ Mindstorms Kit

After seven years, Lego has finally unveiled a new Mindstorms kit, reports PC Magazine — the Lego Mindstorms Robot Inventor, available this fall for $359: The Robot Inventor kit lets kids (or adults) build five different robot models out of 949 pieces, ranging from a four-legged walker to a bipedal wheeled robot that can give high-fives. All of these robots ... Read More »