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Microsoft Browser Usage Drops 50% As Chrome Soars

An anonymous reader quotes Network World’s report about new statistics from analytics vendor Net Applications: From March 2015 to February 2017, the use of Microsoft’s IE and Edge on Windows personal computers plummeted. Two years ago, the browsers were run by 62% of Windows PC owners; last month, the figure had fallen by more than half, to just 27%. Simultaneous ... Read More »

Hidden Backdoor Discovered In Chinese IoT Devices

“A backdoor has been found in devices made by a Chinese tech firm specializing in VoIP products,” reports TechRadar. An anonymous reader quotes their article: Security outfit Trustwave made the discovery of a hidden backdoor in DblTek’s devices which was apparently put there to allow the manufacturer access to said hardware — but of course, it’s also open to being ... Read More »

Underwater Pumped-Storage Hydroelectric Project Completes Its First Practical Test

What if you built massive concrete spheres — 98 feet in diameter, with 10-foot walls — under the ocean to help generate electricity during peak periods? Slashdot reader nachtkap reports that German researchers just finished testing their 1:10-scale prototype StEnSEA: It was retrieved from Lake Constance, where it was submerged at a depth of 100 meters [328-feet] since November. The ... Read More »

Third-Party Vendor Issues Temporary Patch For Windows Vulnerability

An anonymous reader writes: “A vulnerability discovered by Google Project Zero security researchers and left without a patch by Microsoft received a temporary fix from third-party security vendor ACROS Security,” according to Bleeping Computer. Microsoft is set to officially patch the flaw on March 15, after it previously pushed back February’s Patch Tuesday for next month. “According to Google researchers, ... Read More »

More Fast Food Restaurants Are Now Automating

An anonymous reader writes: Wendy’s is adding self-service ordering kiosks “to at least 1,000 restaurants, or about 15% of its stores,” reports the Los Angeles Times, while McDonald’s and Panera Bread are now planning to add kiosks to every restaurant. “Lots of restaurants, not just fast-food chains, are really trying to mitigate the costs of higher wages,” says one market ... Read More »