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Qualcomm Doubles 5G mmWave Range To 2.36 Miles For Broadband Modems

As 5G networks have continued to spread across the world, the biggest issue with ultra-fast millimeter wave (mmWave) towers has been their short transmission distance, which is generally measured in city blocks rather than miles. Today, Qualcomm announced a breakthrough in mmWave transmission range, successfully achieving a 5G data connection over a 3.8-kilometer (2.36-mile) distance — over twice the range ... Read More »

FBI Worried Ring and Other Doorbell Cameras Could Tip Owners Off To Police Searches

FBI documents warned that owners of Amazon’s Ring and similar video doorbells can use the systems — which collect video footage sometimes used to investigate crimes — in order to watch police instead. The Verge reports: The Intercept spotted the files in the BlueLeaks data trove aggregated from law enforcement agencies. One 2019 analysis describes numerous ways police and the ... Read More »

AT&T, Ready For Your $30 Billion DirecTV Haircut?

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Bloomberg: AT&T is once again looking to sell its DirecTV unit, a business that has lost billions of dollars in value since the wireless carrier acquired it in 2015. The sooner it waves goodbye, the better. The question is, who wants it? DirecTV has faded into the background at AT&T, a company now ... Read More »

The Blurred Lines and Closed Loops of Google Search

Early this year, Google pushed out a seemingly tiny tweak to how it displays search ads for desktop computers. From a report: Previously, the search engine had marked paid results with the word “Ad” in a green box, tucked beneath the headline next to a matching green display URL. Now, all of a sudden, the “Ad” and the URL shifted ... Read More »

New Chinese Restrictions on Tech Exports Could Complicate TikTok Sale

New export controls on technologies that Beijing deems sensitive are threatening to derail efforts by American companies to acquire TikTok’s U.S. operations from its Chinese parent company ByteDance, the Wall Street Journal reports. From a report: The regulations were unveiled on Friday and prevent “technology based on data analysis for personalized information recommendation services” — which would likely apply to ... Read More »