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Why We Should Teach Kids to Call the Robot ‘It’

As a new generation grows up surrounded by AI, researchers find education as early as preschool can help avoid confusion about robots’ role. From a report: Today’s small children, aka Generation Alpha, are the first to grow up with robots as peers. Those winsome talking devices spawned by a booming education-tech industry can speed children’s learning, but they also can ... Read More »

Google to Pay More Than $150 Million in YouTube Privacy Case

YouTube has agreed to pay more than $150 million to resolve U.S. allegations that it violated children’s privacy laws. Bloomberg reports: The settlement with the Federal Trade Commission resolves a probe into whether the video service broke a law that makes it illegal to collect information on children under 13 and disclose it to others without parental permission. A group ... Read More »

Huawei’s Next Phone Will Not Have Google Apps

Huawei’s next flagship smartphone will not come with Google’s popular apps, such as Maps, YouTube, and Drive. The BBC reports: Google confirmed that due to a U.S. government ban on sales to Huawei, it could not license its apps to the Chinese smartphone giant. It also means the next Huawei phone will not have access to the Google Play app ... Read More »

The Plan To Use Fitbit Data To Stop Mass Shootings Is One of the Scariest Proposals Yet

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Gizmodo: Last week, the Washington Post reported that the White House had been briefed on a plan to create an agency called HARPA, a healthcare counterpart to the Pentagon’s research and development arm DARPA. Among other initiatives, this new agency would reportedly collect volunteer data from a suite of smart devices, including Apple ... Read More »

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Has Own Account Hacked

The co-founder and chief executive of Twitter has had his own account on the service taken over by hackers. From a report: A group referring to itself as the Chuckling Squad said it was behind the breach of Jack Dorsey’s account. A spokeswoman for Twitter told the BBC that the site was urgently investigating. The account tweeted out a flurry ... Read More »