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Build a Linux Server with Linux User & Developer 125

Follow @LinuxUserMag Building a server is not difficult. It’s no more challenging than building a PC, which in itself is as easy as plugging a set-top box or games console into a TV. There’s so much you can do with a server though, whether it’s for home use or otherwise, and our guide takes you through best practices of the ... Read More »

Rumblings in the Browser World

There may never be any shortage of topics to debate and discuss here in the Linux blogosphere, but it’s not often that we see not just one but two major developments happening in the same area on the same day. That, however, is just what happened last week in the world of browsers. The day started off just like any ... Read More »

Great Little Radio Player

A robust internet radio station streamer for Ubuntu and Fedora based Linux distributions. It connects to web sites offering radio streaming and lets you play radio stations directly from that locations. With Great Little Radio Player, you will have collection of 300 radio stations worldwide. Best part, it’s free of charge. (…)Read the rest of Great Little Radio Player (181 ... Read More »