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How to use apt-get and dpkg in Ubuntu

Here are a few tricks for APT, the Advanced Packaging Tool used on Debian and Debian-based distributions like Ubuntu. View all the packages installed on a system The easiest way to do it is: dpkg –get-selections It does not require to be root, and will display all the packages installed via APT. For example, the first lines may look something ... Read More »

how to clear cached memory in ubuntu

Sometimes, when i see my system got slower, then i open the phpsysinfo. My using memory almost full. Even i restart my PC, the cached memory size still big. I want to clear cached memory but i’m hard to find to solution because i’m scar if it will cause my ubuntu crash. After browse in many site ( thanks to ... Read More »

how to use dpkg in ubuntu

Only the superuser (sudo) can use the dpkg application. Dpkg is a typical GNU/Linux application that is controlled by command-line switches. Possibly the most common use of dpkg is to install a local .deb file.To install a .deb file, use the command: $sudo dpkg -i filename.deb Dpkg can also be used to: * dpkg –unpack: unpacks the file but does ... Read More »

How to install RPM in Ubuntu

In my Opinion it Magician package, If you have an rpm file for a package you wish to install, and if you cannot find a .deb debian package in any of the Ubuntu repositories or elsewhere, you can use the alien package converter application to install the .rpm file. You can install alien itself from the Ubuntu Universe repository by ... Read More »