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Upcomming Features of KDE 4.11 Revealed

The KDE developers are planning to release the next branch of KDE, 4.11, very soon and a lot of features have been planned. Soon after releasing the 4.10.2 version of KDE, the development for 4.11 has picked up some steam, and it’s gathering features and changes. Highlights of the upcoming KDE 4.11: • The Nepomuk controller will receive a QML ... Read More »

Mixxx – The most advanced free DJ software

Mixxx is a DJ tool that allows for the playback and mixing of digital music (MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC and Wave).The basic requirements for Mixxx are a desktop computer or laptop with a reasonable amount of storage space on the hard drive for your music, at least 1 audio card for outputting the sound and a way of controlling the ... Read More »

Mageia 3 out, no more delays

Follow @LinuxUserMag It’s been another year since the last Mageia release, and it’s successor is finally here. Improving on the already stellar Mageia 2, Mageia 3 contains all the standard package and kernel updates, along with the inclusion of Steam for Linux and other applications. The new Mageia is a more refined version of Mageia 2 The distro was originally ... Read More »

The Windows Kernel’s Achilles’ Heel

Life is like a roller coaster, as the popular saying goes, filled with both ups and downs. Here in the Linux blogosphere we’ve certainly experienced our share of downs in recent months — thanks in large part to a frustrating spate of FUD — but lately the clouds have parted and the sun is shining on Linux with full force ... Read More »