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WattOS R7.5 Review – Choice

Follow @LinuxUserMag It’s strange to think of WattOS as a somewhat unique project in a landscape full of low-resource distros to either maximise CPU cycles or keep old systems running. WattOS has always managed to stand out from the crowd though by offering a user experience that is barely any different from full-fat Linux distros thanks to smart design decisions, ... Read More »

Yuilop: Free-to-Mobile Calling and SMS – With a Catch

I know, from correspondence that I receive, that readers of this column are pretty global, spread all over the world and in some pretty distant places. That’s why I was intrigued when I came across VoIP Android app Yuilop. Here’s an app that promises to provide the hitherto unknown Holy Grail of international voice and text calling: free calls to ... Read More »

The War On Hackers

LinuxSecurity.com: Corey Thuen was a developer at the Idaho National Laboratory who helped to develop a network-visualization tool called Sophia. Then Battelle Energy, the company that manages the INL, rejected the notion of open-sourcing Sophia, and instead licensed it for commercial use to a company called NexDefense. Read More »

Why Hasn’t Open Source Taken Over Storage?

LinuxSecurity.com: Open source products have very uneven penetration into the world of business technology. If you look at content management systems or languages, open source rules. But if you look at the market for ERP software or for storage systems, open source hasn’t made much of a dent. Read More »