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‘Makers at Work’ Offers Inspiring Journey Through the Creative Process

The maker mentality has no starting point in modern history. People have always honed their creative skills to make things, and societies have always had visionaries who turned their garage hobbies and kitchen table inventiveness into industrial breakthroughs. Today, the maker mentality is essentially an extension of the do-it-yourself craze. Makers at Work by Steven Osborn offers an insightful look ... Read More »

Defending Against Crypto Backdoors

LinuxSecurity.com: We already know the NSA wants to eavesdrop on the Internet. It has secret agreements with telcos to get direct access to bulk Internet traffic. It has massive systems like TUMULT, TURMOIL, and TURBULENCE to sift through it all. And it can identify ciphertext — encrypted information — and figure out which programs could have created it. Read More »

Fuze case review – powered by Raspberry Pi (and quite a lot of money)

Follow @LinuxUserMag Technical specs Price: from £69.99 – £179.99 Operating system: Customised Raspbian with Fuze BasicProcessing Hardware: Raspberry Pi Model B (also available with Maximite microcontroller) Dimensions: 330mm x 240mm x 73mm Weight: 1653g (excluding PSU) Expansion: 1x Protected GPIO break-out board, bundled mini-breadboard Keyboard: Integrated 88-key island-style Ports: 10/100 Ethernet. 1x USB, SD, Power, 3.5mm Audio Out, HDMI Extras: ... Read More »

SmartGit 5 Preview 4 Gets Some Greta Features

SmartGit, a graphical client for the version control systems Git and Mercurial with optimized workflows for multiple platforms, is now at version 5 Preview 4. SmartGit provides some very important features such as local working tree operations, push, pull, fetch for all protocols, tag and branch management, and much more. According to the developers, the ability to configure multiple accounts ... Read More »