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Valve Releases Steam Controller

Valve Software on Friday announced the Steam Controller, the third part of its trio of initiatives designed to bring Linux-based gaming to the living room. Valve dubbed the controller “a different kind of gamepad.” It features dual circulator trackpads driven by the player’s thumbs; each has a high-resolution haptic pad at its base. These pads are clickable, allowing the entire ... Read More »

The Medibuntu project comes to an end

The Medibuntu repository has been unmaintained for several months, and has become more and more useless over the years. The project is now considered abandoned, and we recommend to disable the repository if you are using it. (…)Read the rest of The Medibuntu project comes to an end (89 words) © ruchi for Ubuntu Geek, 2013. | Permalink | No ... Read More »

Manjaro MATE Is Looking Really Good

Manjaro MATE, a Linux distribution based on well-tested snapshots of the Arch Linux repositories and 100% compatible with Arch, has been released as a respin of the original Manjaro OS. This new Manjaro distribution comes with MATE 1.6.1, Firefox 23.0.1, Pamac 0.7.6 and VLC 2.0.8a as media player. “On behalf of the Manjaro Turkey Community we are happy to ... Read More »