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Linux: The Gold Standard of Code

There are few things more gratifying to those of us here in the Linux blogosphere than seeing the many and varied virtues of our favorite operating system get officially recognized. It happens with increasing regularity these days, of course — after all, there are so very many virtues to consider — but recently an example emerged that has been warming ... Read More »

Firefox 21 for Desktop and Android out now

Follow @LinuxUserMag Firefox’s rapid development has pushed the browser over version 20, with 21 out now. The new version comes with built-in Facebook messenger for Firefox, and new social providers such as Cliqz, Mixi and msnNow. These social additions are part of what Mozilla sees relevant to the current usage of the internet. The New Firefox Firefox for Android now ... Read More »

What’s Behind the Hybrid Cloud Hype?

Hybrid cloud technology is garnering much attention of late — whether for cutting-edge development and the continuous integration and release processes achieved through devops, or for traditional enterprise-proven approaches to infrastructure and applications. There’s more to hybrid clouds than hype. The ability to manage different infrastructures and applications across a range of cloud computing environments allows organizations to align their ... Read More »

Cut Yourself a Tasty Slice of Gnome-Pie App Launcher

Gnome-Pie could be one of the best user interfaces for accessing menus on any Linux desktop. It is a radial visual application that keeps your hands on the keyboard or the mouse to quickly launch any application. Launching frequently used programs could not be easier or more fun. Gnome-Pie brings functional eye candy to the menu interface of any Linux ... Read More »

How a Career Con Man Led a Federal Sting That Cost Google $500 Million

LinuxSecurity.com: Whitaker began by explaining his business-how he started out selling HGH and steroids but eventually sent customers vegetable oil and protein powder instead. He also said that the Google employees he worked with knew that he was in Mexico, selling mainly to Americans in the US-and that they knew his business was illegal. Further, he stated, they helped him ... Read More »