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How to Install ProFTP with virtual MySQL users

ProFTPd is the best FTP server I found for linux. It is not only very flexible, fast and secure, it also allows configurations with virtual MySQL users. This makes ProFTPd perfect for small and large configuration, inclusive of domain hosting services. This tutorial will walk you through the installation process of ProFTPd with a MySQL database. Install ProFTPd: # aptitude ... Read More »

How to rpm in fedora

Below Commands gives you an idea about how to use rpm in Redhat based distro like : fedora, centos, suse etc, it is a rpm cheat sheet by which you can easily understand its uses. Install the package # rpm -ivh {rpm-file} Upgrade package # rpm -Uvh {rpm-file} Erase/remove/ an installed package # rpm -ev {package} Erase/remove/ an installed package ... Read More »

How to make yum more powerful

yum is a powerful application there are applications we can add onto it to make it even more powerful. yum-fastestmirror – The yum-fastestmirror plugin sorts each repository’s mirrorlist by connection speed prior to downloading packages, and will choose the fastest mirror whenever yum is used. I find it to be very useful.   yumex – yumex, or yum extender, is ... Read More »