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D-Wave’s Quantum Computer Successfully Models a Quantum System

An anonymous reader shares an excerpt from Ars Technica: D-Wave’s hardware has always occupied a unique space on the computing landscape. It’s a general-purpose computer that relies on quantum mechanical effects to perform calculations. And, while other quantum-computer makers have struggled to put more than a few dozen qubits together, D-Wave’s systems have already scaled to more than 2,000 addressable ... Read More »

Hacking Campaign Targets iPhone Users With Data-Stealing, Location-Tracking Malware

ZDNet reports of a new mobile malware campaign that is “gaining access to iPhones by tricking users to download an open-source mobile device management (MDM) software package.” From the report: Once in control, the unidentified hackers can steal various forms of sensitive information from infected devices, including the phone number, serial number, location, contact details, user’s photos, SMS, and Telegram ... Read More »

Roku’s New Wireless Speakers Automatically Turn Loud Commercials Down, Turn Show Audio Up

Roku announced today that it’s getting into the audio business with the launch of its in-house Roku TV Wireless Speakers. The two HomePod-esque speakers work exclusively (and wirelessly) with Roku TVs, and feature software that will optimize audio from anything connected to the pair Roku TV, including cable boxes, antennas, and Bluetooth devices. The company also announced a new Roku ... Read More »

Things Are Going From Bad To Worse For Apple In India

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Quartz: Despite its increased focus on India, Apple is all set to see a slower year-on-year growth in iPhone sales in the country in 2018. “iPhone India sales were weak in the first half of 2018, and even if they show a big jump in the traditionally strong second half, Apple will still ... Read More »