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Pine64 Confirms $25 ‘PineTime’ Smartwatch for Linux Smartphones

Besides their Linux laptops, single-board computers, and tablets, Pine64 is now also working on “PineTime,” a new $25 smartwatch for Linux smartphones running open source software (and based on either ARM Mbed or FreeRTOS), reports Liliputing.com: The company describes the PineTime watch as a companion for Linux smartphones… you know, like the company’s upcoming $150 PinePhone. For either or both ... Read More »

Linux 5.3 Released

“Linux 5.3 has been released,” writes diegocg: This release includes support for AMD Navi GPUs; support for the umwait x86 instructions that let processes wait for short amounts of time without spinning loops; a ‘utilization clamping’ mechanism that is used to boost interactivity on power-asymmetric CPUs used in phones; a new pidfd_open(2) system call that completes the work done to ... Read More »

FCC Fails, Robocalls (and Complaints) Increase, Along with Number-Hijacking

“Despite new initiatives by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and carriers, robocalls aren’t on the wane,” reports Forbes. “Americans are still facing a scourge of 200 million unwanted robocalls a day, according to a report from Transaction Network Services (TNS), a major telecommunications network and services company. And nearly 30% of all U.S. calls were negative (nuisance, scam or fraud ... Read More »

‘King of Kong’ Billy Mitchell Argues He Was Framed for Donkey Kong Cheating, Threatens Legal Action

“Billy Mitchell, the former Donkey Kong and Pac-Man high-score champion made famous in the 2007 film The King of Kong, has threatened legal action against the sanctioning bodies who threw out all of Mitchell’s high scores in April 2018 after finding that two were illegitimate,” reports Polygon. This week, lawyers for Mitchell sent a letter to Twin Galaxies and Guinness ... Read More »